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Amennyiben a kiválasztott termék árát szeretné megtudni, kérjük honlapunk nyitólapján a Termékeink - Katalógusok - Gyártó (pl PeakTech, Extech stb) - Árlista almenübe lépjen be és töltse le az aktuális árlistát.

Teljes választékunk megtekintéséhez kattintson e-boltunkra:

PeakTech P 1007 / 1014 / 1016
DDS Function Generator, 100 mHz - 8 MHz /10 MHz / 20 MHz
This multifunction-generator with direct digital synthesized output frequencies ensures high quality and high reliability. This generator give a multitude of output-signals with a minimum distortionfactor to generate an output level with high accuracy.
6 digit display with an maximal resolution of 100 mHz
output signals: sine, square, triangle, TTL, pulse and DC
FSK and PSK modulation
Ultra low distortion and low noise
Trigger and Gate function
Digital setting of linear and log sweep-function
Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II
Accessories: power cable, operation manual and spare fuse.

PeakTech P 1100
FM-Stereo / FM-AM Signal Generator
This unit is a high accuracy micro-processor controlled RF signal generators covering frequency range of 100 kHz ... 150 MHz. In addition to an excellent AM/FM modulation capability, the output level can vary from -20 dBµV to 126 dBµV in 1 dB steps. This signal generator are designed specifically to test AM/FM radio, cordless phones under product development and production environment.

PeakTech P 1105
AM-FM Signal Generator
A high performance general purpose 200 kHz to 1000 MHz synthesized signal generator with low phase noise and very good FM/AM capability. The product is designed for manual as well as ATE applications and is ideally suited for various test tasks during product development and manufacturing of RF communications products such as cellular radios or cordless phones.

PeakTech P 1110
Multi Pattern Generator, DAB-Signalgenerator with RS-232 C + GPIB
Microprocessor controlled Digital Audio Broadcasting system-signal generator with a specified frequency band, Band II (87,5 - 108 MHz), Band III (174 - 250 MHz), Band L (1452 - 1492 MHz). Standard features include an exclusive AutoCal self calibration function, extensive user diagnostics, an automatic power up test sequence, non-volatile memory locations to store up to 300 different complete front panel settings. It covers controls output level in units of 0,1 dB from 0 dBm to -120 dBm and the frequency in units of 1 Hz.

PeakTech P 1135
RF-Vector-Signalgenerator, 10MHz, 3GHz, with RS-23
A programmable synthesized Vector Signal Generator with frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz. It is required for designing and developing the next generation of wireless communication systems and Broadcasting systems of Digital TV, CATV, Satellite. It is used as signal source for measuring the performance of all digital equipments and RF components. Also is well suited for production test environments.

PeakTech P 2080
Sweep Function Generator

PeakTech P 4025 / 4030
DDS Function-Generator 20 mHz - 5 MHz / 20 MHz
This DDS function generator are of the high performance indexes and numerous function characteristics which are necessary for the fast completion of measuring. The simple and clear front panel design and the LED display interface of number and indicator light are convenient for the users to operate and observe. Moreover, the extended optional functions enhance the system characteristics.
high frequency accuracy: up to 10-5
high frequency resolution: 20 mHz
high waveform accuracy: 16 types of waveforms can be output
independent output for two channels
frequency- and amplitude sweeping
frequency, period, amplitude virtual - or peak-peak value selectable
USB interface
crystal oscillator reference, high frequency and resolution
intregrated frequency counter up to 100 MHz and 8 W power amplifier
Safety: EN 61010-1; CAT II
Accessories: power cable, USB interface cable, software for Windows 2000/XP, BNC cable, spare fuse and operation manual

PeakTech® P 4035
DDS Multifunction Generator, 40 µHz-30 MHz
Dieser neue DDS-Funktionsgenerator verfügt über Hochleistungskriterien und zahlreichen Funktionsmerkmale, die für eine schnelle Durchführung von Messungen erforderlich sind. Mit Hilfe des einfachen und klaren Design, der Frontblende und dem 3,5”-Farb-LCD-Display können die Betriebszustände des Generators angezeigt und die entsprechenden Parameter eingestellt werden. Darüberhinaus verbessern die Erweiterungsfunktionen die Systemeigenschaften.

PeakTech P4040 / P 4045
DDS Multifunction Generator, 100 mHz-50 MHz /150 MHz
New DDS function generator in the high performance indexes and numerous function charateristics which are necessary for the fast completion of measuring. The simple and clear front panel design and 5,7” color liquid chrystal displayer shows the whole working states of the generator and set the corresponding parameters. Moreover, the optional extended functions enhance the system characteristics.

PeakTech P 4050
DDS Function-Arbitrary-Generator
This generator is of the excellent technical performance and powerful function characteristics which are necessary for the fast measurement and with direct digital synthesis technique (DDS) and system on programmable chip technique (SoPC), TFT-LCD interface can show the illustration of output waveform and parameters.
frequency accuracy: up to 10-5
high frequency resolution: 9 digits or 1 µHz
high waveform accuracy: the output waveforms consists of the computation value of functions with higher waveform accuracy and less distortion
sweep characteristics: with the function of frequency sweeping and amplitude sweeping. Start point and stop point can be set arbitrarily
burst modulation characteristics: FM, AM, PM, PWM and FSK
counting and measuring: frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle of exterior signal can be measured, or pulse can be counted
integrated frequency counter up to 100 MHz and 8 W power amplifier
storage characteristics: 4 groups of user-defined parameters of generator state can be stored
programmed control: USB and RS 232 interface
Safety: EN-61010-1; CAT II
Accessories: power cable, USB interface cable, software for Windows 2000/XP, BNC cable, spare fuse and operation manual

PeakTech P 4080
Sweep Funktion Generator with RS-232 C

PeakTech P 4085
Sweep-Function Generator, 1 Hz - 15 MHz

Audio-Generator McVoice "ST-1026A"
10Hz-1MHz, in fünf Stufen

Funktions-Generator McCheck "FG-1641A" 2 MHz, mit integr. Frequenzzähler
Mit integriertem Frequenzzähler. Das Gerät erzeugt sowohl Sinus-, Rechteck- als auch Dreieck-Signale. Das Rechtecksignal kann in der Amplitude variiert werden. Anzeige der eingestellten oder externen Frequenz auf 6-stelligen Anzeige. Der eingebaute Frequenzzähler ist auf “extern„ umschaltbar, so dass auch von außen zugeführte Signale gemessen werden können. Die Impulsbreite und Flankensteilheit sind einstellbar.Technische Daten: • Meßbereich 0,1Hz bis 2MHz • Rechteck-Anstiegszeit: <100ns • Sinus-Toleranz: 1% (10Hz bis 10kHz) • Ausgangs-Amplitude: >20Vpp regelbar + Abschwächer 20db- 40db • Ausgangs Impendanz: 50 Ohm • Torzeiten regelbar • incl. DC-Offset-Funktion • Auflösung 0,1Hz (max.) • Frequenzzähler: 6-stellige, grüne LED-Anzeige • Bandbreite: von 1:1 bis 1000:1 • Frequenzbereich Zähleingang 10 bis 100MHz • Eingangsimpedanz ca. 10kOhm • Betrieb an 230V/50Hz • Maße 310x230x80mm • incl. Netzkabel, Meßkabel


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